Public Administrator

Public Administrator

The Nye County Public Administrator is an elected position entrusted to oversee the administration of the estates of deceased persons who have no qualified persons willing or able to do so. The administrator is required by state law to ensure that the property of the deceased is secured until a relative or other designated person can claim the property. These conditions apply when:

  • There are no known heirs.
  • No executor has been appointed and as a result, the estate, or any part, is being wasted, uncared for or lost.
  • The named executor of a will fails to act.
  • The will names the Nye County Public Administrator as executor.
  • An heir or heirs wish to have the estate administered for them by the Public Administrator.

When the Public Administrator Steps In

In accordance with state law, the Nye County Public Administrator's Office must ensure that the property of a deceased person is safeguarded. If The Nye County Sheriff’s Office or Coroner are unable to locate a family member when a death occurs, they will request the assistance of the Nye County Public Administrator's Office.

Funeral Arrangements

At the request of or in the absence of relatives, the Nye County Public Administrator's Office will make necessary funeral arrangements. Arrangements will be made in accordance with any plans of the deceased and within the ability of the estate to pay. If it appears that there are insufficient funds for a private service, referrals will be made to Nye County Health and Human Services.

Selling of Property

If the estate has sufficient cash to pay claims and expenses, the Nye County Public Administrator's Office, at the request of heirs, will sell real property, securities or other valuables of the deceased. Once the property has been liquidated and claims and expenses have been paid, proceeds are returned to the heirs of the deceased.