Department Operations starting June 1, 2020                                                       

Nye County Planning and Building and Safety Operations 

Planning and Code Compliance

The Planning Department is now open to the public by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Lobby Hours are 7:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Thursday. Office is closed on Fridays. Once you arrive, please call 775-751-4249 to let the staff you are here. Only one person allowed in the lobby at all times for the Planning Counter and the Building Department Counter. All persons are required to wear a mask prior to entering the building and for the entire duration of the stay, no exceptions.

Please see see flyer for full details: Planning Department Operations, June 1, 2010 (pdf) 

Land Use Applications – Land Use Application processing will continue as normal although turnaround time may be slowed due to current remote operations.  Currently, we are unable to accept or process any map applications at this time.  We are only able to process Zoning Reviews, Temporary Use Permits, Conditional Use Permits and Special Use Permits.  All applications will be accepted via email only.  No hard copy applications or supporting documentation will be accepted, until further notice.  We will only accept credit card payments at this time.  Once applications are received a staff member calls the applicant to process payments over the phone via Point and Pay. 

Please email all applications and supporting documentation to .  If files are too large for standard email, please submit them via DropBox at the same email address.  To speak with a planning staff member please communicate at this time through email only.  Below is a list of all staff member email addresses:

Celeste Sandoval               Cheryl Beeman -

Brett Waggoner               Steve Osborne -

Joe Ehrheart                      Qiana Medici -

Anna Pina                                

Devan Carrington          

Code Compliance Complaints – Complaints will be accepted via email only.  Please include photos with some identification as to the location of the alleged violation(s).  We will continue to log in the new complaints and open a case.  We will conduct drive by inspections only with no interaction with the public.  We will be preparing the Notices of Violation but will not be mailing them out until after April 18, 2020.

Amanda Marshall -

Mark Gancarz -

Building & Safety – Counter is closed to the public until further notice.  Inspection operations are continuing on all new construction only.  Under no circumstances will inspectors enter occupied homes until further notice.  Inspectors will be following the OSHA and CDC guidelines for Social Distancing.  New permits will be processed and issue on new residential construction projects only.  You can submit new permit applications via email to  A Building and Safety staff member will reach out by phone for credit card information for payment of fees.  Plans checks will continue as normal.  New submittals will be accepted through a Drop Box located outside the entrance to the lobby.  Once new permits are issued the applicant will be notified by phone that the permit is available for pick up in the drop box located outside the entrance to Building & Safety. To speak with a building and safety staff member please communicate at this time through email only.  Below is a list of all staff member email addresses:

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding with the safety measures we are taking in order to protect the public and County staff.  

 Brett Waggoner, Director of Planning

Ron Grider, PE,CBO, Building Manager