Information on Next Auction

2020 Treasurer Trust Property Public Auction

Lists updated and posted MaY 29, 2020



Due to the uncertainty of how the next 30-to-60 days will develop in regards to COVID-19, the Treasurer has opted for an online auction that will commence on May 31st and gradually end on June 3rd. The website for this auction is: .  

Potential bidders will still be required to place a $500 deposit in certified funds, and there will be a 10% or $100 minimum premium per parcel that will be added to the cost of the winning bidder. There is also a $35 processing fee on your $500 deposit, making it $535 to participate.

Obtaining Property Lists

Click on the link above or obtain a list from either of the two Nye County Treasurer’s Offices. You may also contact either one of the Offices to obtain more information.

Registration & Payment Information

  • If you are a successful bidder, your deposit will be applied to the purchase price.
  • If you are unsuccessful, your deposit will be returned at the end of the sale.
  • Deposits must be made in the form of certified funds: Cash, Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders.

Payment requirements are:

  • There is no financing - no exceptions.
  • Cash, Cashier’s checks or money orders for payment in full, (including Real Property Transfer Tax) on the day of the sale.

At the time of purchase you will be issued a receipt.