Peace Officer Advisory Review Board


The Nye County Peace Officer Advisory Review Board, under Nevada Revised Statute 289.380 and by Nye County Code 2.84 reviews citizen complaints against a peace officer and refers them to the Sheriff's Office. The Nye County Peace Officer Advisory Review Board also reviews internal investigations of peace officer's within the County upon final resolution of an investigation and makes recommendations regarding any disciplinary action against the peace officer that is recommended by the Sheriff's Office, including, without limitation:

  • Increasing or decreasing the recommended level of discipline; and
  • Exonerating the peace officer who has been the subject of the internal investigation.


The Nye County Peace Officer Advisory Review Board consists of 12 members appointed to four year terms by the Board of County Commissioners.

Now accepting applications


A proceeding of a panel of such a review board is closed to the public. (NRS 289.387.10)


Joseph Honzelka       Vicki Gladsjo       Karen Duryea

Ronald Gray       John Koval       John Lagendorf

Thomas Mazzola       Kent B. Mosdale     James Wakefield

Anthony Ruppersberg       Patricia Watson       Ben Zamora

James Pinner       Wendy Casky